Friday, May 25, 2007

following the day which was hard to follow

well i tried hard today to try and follow up the great day we had yesterday. It proved slightly difficult. i started out by playing a few tournies and a bit of play on the yellowstone. i did ok but hit a bad run of cold cards in the tournies i was in and got slightly down in the yellowstone. I played pretty much all day and ended up about even so just racked in a shit load of comp points. The one kinda cool thing is that i won a $50 freeroll to win me a fonkey ribbon lol apart from i didnt play like a donkey!!! it was a 7 card stud tourny and with some memorable hands such as a jack high straight flush and four of a kind kings i battled it out to win 15 buks and the lil green ribbon to hide behind my blogger accolade!!! i was pretty sweet as i have come 2nd in freerolls about 5 times and only won 2!!!(the other was one of the old $35 freerolls which doesnt give you an accolade.) so its now saturday and me n mat are gana sit down and play some poker and hopefully have a profitable day doing so!!!blog again soon .....hopefully

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Huge day of poker for the salisburians!!!

well yesterday the flat of salisbury witnessed some great success. the day started off with a bit of a sleep in and then Mat (williamwallace666) bought into the 1500 gtd event on he played very well and ended up coming 2nd after being beaten on the river by some other dude. he pocketed 300 buks for his troubles and was a very happy man! in that time i started playin the 750 gtd short handed event and was getting some reasonable hands and ended up coming 6th on the final table which was pretty sweet as i won 37.50. Last week i knocked out masala in a pmnz event which i went on to win vs kanyezee (Brianstorm) Any way i won a $60 Satellite coupon i decided to use it and ended up playin 4 people for a shot at the $275 Satellite coupon and a shot a wsop package. After knocking out the first 2 players i was heads up with another player it took me 45 mins to dispose of this guy but in the end and with a bit of luck i beat him gaining my coupon that event is on the 3rd of june so you could be hearing from me again soon with the details. But the day doesnt end there Mat decided to buy in to the 2000gtd and surprise surprise he came 2nd in that giving him a 450 dollar pot it was awesome to watch he played well and all his practice paid off!! what a day for the flat. we hit the piss straight after and are hoping to see some similar success today while hungover oh and i have to do an assignment in there sometime 2!!!

poker poker poker

well after about 2 months not playing poker i got back in to it and have pretty solid succcess. ive consistantly been pulling 50 buks a week off at and have for about 5 weeks now so its providing a pretty good supplement to my student loan haha. i cant really afford to keep it on there at the moment so i just keep playing the yellowstones and am having reasonable success there so i think il just stay there for the forseeable future. and yeah thats pretty much my poker for the last few months havent had any really big days but consistant wins instead which is quite good. grinding out the money seems to be working for me at da mo so dats the plan!!

Blogger Grand final

well i have been really lazy and havent put up a post about the blogger grandfinal!! the grand final has to be the best group of players ive ever played with and it showed when it tokk over an hour for the first player to drop!that was probably due to all the great prizes!!! i remember the hand i gt knocked out on quite distinctly after about 2 hours of play and pretty cold cards all tourny i gt a10 when blinds were getting pretty huge and my stack was pretty pitiful i got A 10 suited so i went all in in hope of stealing the blinds. Unfortunately i got called by pocket 5's and the flop came A 5 10 nothing else dropped to save me so i was dead. This saw me getting knocked out 12th and i picked up a sweet chip set for my troubles which was really awesome! it was a story of what could have been it could have been me going to auzzie millions!!!ah well hopefully i can perform in the blogger this year!!!!its a great league with some really good poker players.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

blogger event #7 the pub poker last stand!

well after changing the game from omaha hi/lo to a deep stack holdem tourny!that kinda suited me as ive hardly ever played omaha hi lo!after a brilliant day fishing the day before i was ready to face the bloggers in the final stand and last event of the 7 event league! to start off with my computers power suplly packed up so i had to quickly download on my dads computer. i turned up 30 minutes late and to my amazement was only down 45 chips which is pretty sweet considering you start with 5000 !after a few pot i found my self up to 7 k only to fall to 900 chips after folding a big pot!there was around 75 ppl left of the 112 starters and i thought to my self shit im gana fall out early and top 20 on the leaderboard may allude me. meanwhile my kiwi mate kanyezee was ripping up with a stack of 23 k at one stage coming 2nd place. He dropped half his stack and found it hard to come back falling out in 56th. well for me i dont know how but i won my blinds every round and tripled up on rockets to get back up to 7 k it was so funny coz i grinded my way to 18th position and secured my place in the grand final.
I ended up finishing 8th overall with no referal bonuses so i was pretty stoked with that effort i won $90 buks in preize money. my results were

Event 1 9th
Event 2 61st
Event 3 49th
Event 4 4th
Event 5 8th
Event 6 34th
Event 7 18th

Im so happy i made the top 20 and the grand final. my first blogger tour was a great experience and i even managed to score an accolade!wel c how i go in the final il be watchin all the inspirational movies(Rocky, Rambo, Braveheart,Rounders etc) i can this week in preparation for the biggest tourny ive ever played in!

Congrats to the other players who made the top 20 they are in order :


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogger tour event #6 Floplicious flop fest!!

gday again readers!
wel after a beautiful saturday paintballing and drinkin with some mates i was ready for another blogger event! i woke up with a bit of a hangoverbut battled through the tourny. i started of ok picking up a few pots so lasted well into the top 50 out of 132 starters including ryosei my flat mate AKA roselaura.(he got knocked out on k10 vs a10 with the 10 on the board gettin beaten by kicker) i battled through losing a few pots here and there but managed to pick up 34th position which i thought wasnt too bad. My best hand was qq so didnt really hit many premium hands but picked up a few little pots so i was happy with that should kee me in the top 20 on the leaderboard hopefully.None of the otherboys really gt to shine in this tourny but Xaqnautilis made the top table and was in great shape until getting knocked out 4th.oh well il go back to my day of being hungover on a yellowstone table or somethin. Oh and i pickup my new freezertoday too haha!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Blogger tour event #5 Skinskis house of blues

well what a day!im sober again for another blogger event i think thats telling me something!!headed round to my mate Mat's (williamwallace666) parents place to watch the All Blacks play France!(The All Blacks winning 23 11) To my delight i started at table five with the host Skinski and a Kiwi mate of mine Cashline. Things got off pretty slowly with all of the players sizing up the table and we all picked up a few little pots. As the tourny progressed i slowly started developing my blinds with some blind steals and a few smallish pots! until the top 20 my stack stayed around 5-10k and i ended up grinding my way to 17th out of 17 which was pretty cool as it would give me ok points for the league but its fair to say i got very lucky!!!!i grinded my way 2 8th position from there winning quite a few all in on my blinds!! Skinski doing very well in his own event picking up 100 buks and 2nd place securing his postion at number one on the leader board!!! So all i all a pretty ordinary tourny for me as i didnt rally pick up too many big pots or god hands but folded well and picked up a lot of small pots!didnt see my mate Kanyezee play but he evidently got 30 something goodluck to the other kiwis in securing a top 20 postion and hopefully go to the Auzzie millions. Im Now sitting in 9th position on the leader board so im stoked!!!2 events to go and things are getting exciting!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

my blogger position

im currently sitting in 11th position after my fourth place in the last event!im stoked i have to keep tight for the next 3 rounds and i believe i have a good shotof the final 20!Playing off for some totally cool prizes you should checkout the link on this page its great league toplay in!!OH and i also picked up my 1st accolade a nice blogger one hehe fricken awesome moments

well since i finished my exams and had 1 week off before starting fulltime work i decided id use some of my neteller money and deposit for the first time. I deposited $125 and on the same day recieved $20 free for being a loyal member of the blogger league!sweet deal aye!any way i started playing and afterday 1 ifound my self with 175 in my account making for a 30 dollar profit!i had a few up and downs but was playen real tight and grinded my way to a resonable profit. the next day i must have ben hung over oh thats right i was on the piss for melbourne cup (my three horses lost) that day i ended up down 14 buks taking my total to 161!which was ok considering my state stillpicked up about a thousand comp points which was good for my 100%deposting bonus! the next day i went home to see my family in Rotorua and sat down and kinda showed my dad what i do in terms of playing poker (coz i always tell him of my wins, he wonders how i can make that like i do on the internet) wow what a dream day of poker this was it wasnt long before i took a few small pots taking my yellowstone balance from 15 to 26 and then i hit a monster i had jj 2jk flopped betting was going like crazy cant remember exactly anyway a 10 cameon the turn which scared me with the straight draw out for an AQ i kept in the pot hoping for a river house and a king came on the river giving me the boat. I bet out 4 buks and a guy reraised me all in for another 15 mmmmm i hoped like hell he didnt have kings over something as hed takeme down but i decided to call as the pot was looking healthy and i had a pretty good looking hand, He turnded over 22 and i took down the pot with a bigger full house it was a $50 pot and my dad was right there to c it how cool! about two hands later those lovely aces apeared inmy hand i was like dad have a look at this! i raised the pot 1 dollar as it came round and there was another guy on my who wason the button who reraised me to 4 dollars i laughed this should be good i thought i reraised his reraise to 9 buks with the knowledgethere is no better starting hand than AA he then went all in over the top of me i thought must be KK so i called but the nut carried an aq off suit against me i laughed and took allhismoney and sent him packing. my bankrollwas at 81 buks on yellowstone and id only played 30 hands or so!i was telling my dad thats how ya do it while he was the calling me a jammy bastard haha!after that i travelled home back to Hamilton and told the flattiesabout my big pots and carried on. in a day where the poker gods were on my side it just got better, for some reason there were so many fish around i played for a few hours and by the end of the day had made 110 dollars profit!!!!!which is pretty good for yellowstone tables! So its the next day now and im about to go have a crack at it again should be good hopefully!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

blogger event #4 iron girls omaha

well for the first time i wasnt hung over due to my last up and coming exams! i ws pretty switched on and t was a great tourny. from an early stage i was stacked and in 2nd place i hit a lot of great hands and just kept chippin away at gettin my stack bigger and bigger i hit a lot of nut flushes str8s,houses, and even a couple of quads!!! i got my stack up 2 bout 10 k and was leading the tourny,it seemed i couldnt lose hitting sets and housing was awesome!!!hand after hand i kept hitting a had a lot of starting hands with high or medium pocket pairs! my stack got up 2 25kish and i lead ight up 2 the top 16 when egolsen took my number one position over i hung in there to the final table of 8 everyone in the final table was relatively evenly stacked so it was pretty cool. a few fell cheaply to the likes of egolsen and freeroll i hung i there and picked up a few cheeky pots. in my last hand hit kkrags so rasied it peflop to be called by another player flop came 527 (or there about)with two diamonds giving my a pair of kings and the flush draw i pushed all in and he called with qq rags he hit his q on the turn giving him a set and leaving me hoping for a river diamond or a king for the 60k ish pot i got knocked out fourth feeling happy with my achievement but with the vad taste in my mouth knowing i was ahead when u went all in!oh well fourth should get me some good blogger points to hopefully keep me in that top 20 and closer to my trip to auzzie millions!!haha heres hoping